Christmas Tree Types | How to Choose the Right Christmas Tree

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Christmas only comes around once a year, a time for buying presents for family or gifts for your home. Looking at Walmart Christmas trees to buy for your family? Choosing the ideal tree for your Christmas display might need to be clarified with the variety of trees available. You may need a new set of curtains for Christmas. Choosing the ideal gift or tree to brighten the living room is a joyful family tradition.

Different types of trees

Since each tree species varies slightly from the others, it’s essential to match the varieties of genuine Christmas trees-you choose from Walmart to your family’s needs and preferences. If you have kids, for instance, you might prefer soft-needled pines or firs over spruce trees, which have sharp needles that can hurt you if you step on them. For a fragrant Christmas tree, try the Balsan Fir. If you want a tree that the pine needles will not fall off, then the Stots Pine is for you. The Fraser fir Tree is best for hanging ornaments. A Douglas Fir is the most complete Christmas tree with a dense appearance. The Blue Spruce Tree adds a blue hint to your Christmas color scheme,

How to choose the right tree

Examine the branches. Between your thumb and fingers, grasp any tree limb, softly clamp down, and draw it toward you. The tree is past its peak if you only get a handful of needles. Check the smell after crushing the needles in your hand. Only buy the tree if it smells good enough, advises Roger. Holding the tree a few inches above the ground, drop it to make the tree bounce. The outer needles falling off is a surefire indication of a poor apple. It is typical for needles to come off from the tree’s interior. Make sure the tree’s trunk will fit your stand. The cambium layer, which absorbs water, is removed from the tree when the tree’s diameter is reduced by removing the bark. Your tree will be destroyed if this occurs.

Bring a measuring tape with you.

It’s wise to carry your tape measure when you shop for a Christmas tree, even though some farms note the height of their trees on each tag. Use it to compare the trunk diameter, height, and width of numerous trees until you locate the one that is the ideal size for your area. Make sure the trunk diameter can fit comfortably and be tightened within the stand if you intend to use a tree stand you already own from prior years. Pick a tree that is, on average, six inches shorter than the height of your ceiling (or less, depending on the size of your tree topper).

Transporting Your Tree

Take into consideration the transportation of your tree. Place the tree inside your vehicle for the trip home if possible. However, this may be challenging unless you have a huge van or SUV with an open-access trunk. You must firmly tie the tree to the car if you plan to drive it home on the roof. When driving, cover it with a sheet or an old blanket to shield the needles from the wind and road debris.